Greek Village salad

I know this really does not qualify as a recipe but I wanted to include it, since so many people keep asking me what a real and traditional Greek salad is like.

Like most Mediterranean dishes, the Greek salad is based on simple ingredients so pick your ingredients wisely.

Wedged Tomatoes

Sliced Cucumber, Bell Green peppers and Red Onion

Wild Capers


Feta Cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Herbs for Greek Salad

Red Wine Vinegar

Sea salt

In one bowl add all your vegetables and start mixing them. In a seperate bowl prepare your dressing with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Red Wine Vinegar of a ration 3 :1.

Toss the dressing on your vegetables and once it is evenly spread add the Herbs for Greek salad and feta cheese.

Mix again and let it rest in the fridge for at least 15 minutes to get the best result.

In Greece we always use the left over dressing in the bowl as a dipping oil so save some bread for that.


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