This is a really easy and quick dish that can be served both as an appetizer with wine and as a dessert. In a bowl toss in season strawberries cut in large pieces, thin sliced prosciutto pieces, arugula, roasted hazelnuts, sea salt and thyme. Finish with a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a healthy […]

Ever used carob as a glaze on meat ? It provides a great texture and a chocolatey aftertaste. For this recipe you can choose either pork loin or steak fillets. For better results slice them really thin so they can cook faster and have a better balance between the meat and the carob glaze. In […]

Warm salads are a great add on to any meal. They provide the deliciousness of all the vegetables and healthy goodies found in salads with the food temperature found in Entrees. For this salad you will need : Chicory Greens or any in Season Greens Cantrell Mushrooms Sesame Seeds Balsamic Vinegar Extra Virgin Olive Oil Petimezi Sesame […]

This is a really simple recipe based on Ancient Greek cuisine. Ancient Greeks used to eat a lot of fruits, nuts and cheese. Since sugar had not been imported in Greece at that time, they would sweeten everything using honey or petimezi. You can use peaches or any in season fruit for that matter as […]

I know this really does not qualify as a recipe but I wanted to include it, since so many people keep asking me what a real and traditional Greek salad is like. Like most Mediterranean dishes, the Greek salad is based on simple ingredients so pick your ingredients wisely. Wedged Tomatoes Sliced Cucumber, Bell Green […]

This is a salad that requires the preparation of two different dishes before serving. Your ingredients are : Mussels and Clams ( white wine, garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fresh Lemons ) Chickpeas Loukaniko Salami Wild Arugula Half a Red Onion Wild capers 1 lemon juice Herbs for Greek salad Your chickpeas and […]

Roasted potatoes are a great appetizer or a perfect side for BBQ’s. You can prepare them and let them cook in the oven while you are grilling. For this recipe you will need : 2 pounds of Yukon Potatoes 2 lemons Yellow mustard Extra Virgin Olive Oil Herbs for Greek salad Sea Salt Once you […]

A great Spring salad full of colors and taste. Couscous Chickpeas Grapes ( preferable Muscat ) Asparagus Radicchio Parsley Lemon Juice from 1 lemon Pistachios I always cook chickpeas with either rice or couscous so anytime that are left overs, I create this salad. Your chickpeas and any pulses for that matter need to be […]