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Ariadne Pure was founded in Seattle in 2011, we are an established food importer and distributor of Greek products in Seattle and in the US.

Tasos Manouras and his team, are committed to providing you with the best that the Mediterranean has to offer with a variety of culinary products both in retail and food service sizes.

Our customers vary from large retailers like Wholefoods, Red Apples, Thriftways and Uwajimaya to chef run restaurants like, Omega Ouzeri, Tom Douglas’ restaurants, Marriott hotels, Yannis, Vios Cafe, La Medusa and Westward.

We work closely with chefs and buyers to bring you a new product each season.

Feel free to like our Facebook page to get informed about new recipes, demos and events that we are holding regularly.

We believe that only the best has a place in our kitchen and that is what we aim to bring at yours.

Our Promise

Our promise is simple.

Pure, honest, delicious and healthy food.

All our food items are manufactured in environmentally friendly units creating no waste and supporting the local communities.

You will not find any preservatives, coloring, flavoring, or additives in our products, ever.

We are a family run business importing and delivering the best tasting products from various regions of Greece and Cyprus.

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The Myth of Ariadne

Ariadne, is an ancient Greek name which means utterly pure. Ariadne was a mythological princess known for helping Theseus slay the Minotaur. She provided Theseus with a ball of thread which helped him enter and exit the labyrinth.

Ariadne fled her birthplace, Crete with Theseus, only to be abandoned in the island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea.

One of the twelve gods Dionysus, had seen her and amazed by her beauty had told Theseus to leave her, as it was her destiny to become a god’s wife. Dionysus gave her a gift of a gold plated olive wreath and brought her to Olympus to become his immortal wife.

You can read more about the myth of Ariadne by clicking here

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  1. Nancy Cooper says:

    Can you please reconfigure your website so that people interested in OUT OF STOCK items (pomegranate syrup, for example) get an email that the item is again available for purchase. Many other companies do this. We bought the Hazelnut Honey for years at our neighborhood Vios so we miss that convenience.

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