Steak fillets with raw honey with carob

Ever used carob as a glaze on meat ? It provides a great texture and a chocolatey aftertaste.

For this recipe you can choose either pork loin or steak fillets. For better results slice them really thin so they can cook faster and have a better balance between the meat and the carob glaze.

In a hot pan add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and add your fillets. Cook until brown and 2 minutes before they are ready add a tablespoon of either raw honey with carob or carob syrup per fillet. Salt and pepper to taste and you can also add a bit of rosemary before serving. Since we are glazing there is no need to overcook. 2 to 4 minutes is more than enough.

Once cooked, serve warm before the glaze starts reaching room temperature to achieve the best texture.

You can serve with rice or my favorite, french fries.

Raw honey can be used as a delicious and healthy glaze in all kinds of meat.

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